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Obayashi Corporation’s first introduction to the U.S. market was the Surfrider Hotel project in Hawaii (1967-69). In 1972 Obayashi fully expanded its horizon to the U.S. and established Obayashi America Corporation (OAC) in Los Angeles. OAC provided a wide range of services from tenant improvement, to construction of office buildings, residential condos, banks, hotels, warehouses, and large-scale industrial projects.

Obayashi Corporation also established an office in New York in 1982. The two offices, Los Angeles and New York, had been the core of the Obayashi Group’s operations for building projects in the United States. Obayashi also operates in the form of project offices throughout the country.

In 1993, after 20 years of many successful projects mainly in the U.S. western region, OAC renewed its name to OC America Construction, Inc. (OCAC). OCAC’s first major project was the renovation of the Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows. OCAC concentrated on large construction projects such as medical institutions, distribution centers, factories, high-tech facilities, shopping centers and schools, often times through Joint Venture projects.

Along the years, Obayashi acquired several real property assets in the U.S., which were managed by OAC. In 1994 this division was established as OC Real Estate Management, LLC (OCREM), further expanding their performance as a real estate developer.

In 2002 Obayashi Corporation celebrated its 110th Anniversary, and the Los Angeles based office, OC America Construction, Inc. renewed its name to Obayashi Construction, Inc. (OCI) in 2001 to begin a new chapter of its construction activities in the United States. OCI carries on the 30-year tradition of OCAC and OAC continuing to provide construction services in the Los Angeles Area.

Obayashi Construction, Inc. is a General Contractor/Construction Manager based in Los Angeles. The role of this wholly owned subsidiary of Obayashi USA, LLC is to act as the center core of Obayashi’s construction operations in the U.S. western region. As a member of the Obayashi Group, OCI’s goal is to contribute to the global development of customers all around the world.

Obayashi USA, LLC was established in 2002 to serve as the holding company for Obayashi Corporation's subsidiaries in the U.S.

Obayashi Corporation consists of two main construction business domains, Building Construction and Heavy Civil Construction. Obayashi USA, LLC represents the Building Construction Division for U.S. operations.

Currently Obayashi USA, LLC's group network consists of construction companies, one real estate development company and one construction consulting/service company. We seek to propel our business strategies through new opportunities such as M&A with U.S. based companies.